Test before buying your motorhome

If a test is required before purchasing your motorhome used, be sure to also test all the facilities that make life easier “on board”.

The mechanical part

  • Two starter shots should be enough to start the engine, even at cold.
  • As soon as the engine is running, check the smoke out of the exhaust. A blue color is a sign of a serious engine problem.
  • While stopped, apply the hand brake, engage and disengage the third softly. If the engine does not stall is that the clutch is slipping and that his records are changed.
  • Start then normally but somewhat dry manner. If the clutch grazes, it can mean a disc wear or worse, the flywheel.
  • Once the right temperature mechanics, reviving must be frank and smooth. If it is not, it may indicate that the air filter and/or the candles are dirty, or the engine is tired.
  • Squeaks and whistles indicate poor pressure and the risk of rupture of the belt that drives the engine accessories.
  • Rates should go smoothly or crunches (syncros tired).
  • A permanent snoring from the box is the sign of bearings or worn sprockets.
  • Turn the steering wheel from lock to lock. The operation should be done without slamming or hard points.
  • When driving straight on a road that is not curved, the steering wheel must be centered and when you let go, the vehicle must not draw neither to the right nor to the left.
  • In regular driving, the steering wheel should not vibrate.
  • The response to an action on the brake pedal must be frank and, on braking “supported”, the camper must remain online.

The part housing unit

  • Test the faucet (sink and shower).
  • Check the operation of the lights of the stove.
  • Make sure the refrigerator works well gas (off) to electricity (when the engine is running).
  • Check the proper locking of the doors and tailgate (doors closets and various cupboards, drawers …).
  • Inspect the hidden corners (bottom closets, under mattresses …) to detect possible traces of moisture.
  • Check the heating efficiency.
  • Check the operation of the system for producing hot water.
  • Turn on the lights and check the proper operation of all switches.
  • Check the condition of mattresses and cushions that can be flabby but in no case should be moist. Feel free to the “cover off” when in doubt.