Travel Plovdiv Because of the Bulgarian Cuisine

Plovdiv enjoys a location that has given it a remarkable cultural and historical heritage. But it is not only that, the very location of the town gives the opportunity to combine in its modern urban landscape cuisine inspired from all over Bulgaria and the Balkans. So, you love culinary as art, as something new, as a delight to the senses – travel Plovdiv for the sake of it!

To get to know the Bulgarian cuisine, you should not think in the line breakfast-lunch-dinner. Just wake up early in the morning, open the hotel room window, drink a coffee and get ready. We know that you will be hungry, so we are going to get you to an artisan bakery to eat banitsa with ayran. The banitsa is the food that most of the Bulgarians eat in the morning; usually it is filled with cheese. The ayran is a drink made by typical Bulgarian yoghurt. Sometimes early in the morning people drink boza with the banitsa but that is another beautiful story.  There is a chance for you to fall in love with the banitsa, so you are going yo get the chance to know how to prepare it.

Still, do not forget one, the Balkans are a place where culture is very rich, but because of purely historical accumulations, interests, wars and other past events, it is now very difficult to understand what dish, where it went, how it changed, and why in one place is prepared so, but on another. More importantly, however, the whole Balkan magic is inside the dish.

You will visit the markets for fresh and delicious fruits&veggies, so to be assured about the foods quality of the Thracian Plain fields. From early spring to autumn, you can enjoy taste, color and aroma, and try incredible fruit salads or traditional Bulgarian salads, which together with a glass of rakia will open your senses for the main dish.

It is up to you to choose something you didn’t eat before. If you are for the first time in Bulgaria, you are going to see in traditional restaurant’s menu a different kind of baked meat; whatever you choose it will be the right choice. The culinary travel around Plovdiv is not going to end with the lunch. Feel yourself as an author of a culinary city walk. Relax a bit and in the afternoon you will be ready to taste other delicious and unfamiliar dishes.  So before the night falls,  you will have tasted Bulgarian food – inspired, rich, delicious, different. That’s another reason you should travel Plovdiv, because of the Bulgarian cuisine’s taste.

Campers types

Wikicampers propose today to reconsider the different types of motorhomes to help you in choosing the most suitable vehicle for your needs and your escapades!

The motorhome nasturtium


The motorhome nasturtium is identified by his bed located above the cab, it helps to have a good roominess and superior comfort with fitted vans. Sleeps: 4-7 people. Price for new purchase: between €35 000 and €55 000. Price for rent on wikicampers: from €400 per week.

Advantages of the motorhome nasturtium

Passengers have more space and improved interior. The report habitability/size of the motorhome (thanks to the bunk) is optimal.

Recommended use

The motorhome nasturtium is ideal for starting a family. It offers a very comfortable sleeping for 4 people.

The full camper


The full camper is the most luxurious and therefore more expensive. Usually in full, there is a real room at the back of the vehicle. The living room is connected to the driving position. The cabin is built into the cockpit and is fully fledged living room. It includes amenities that are usually very high-end (materials and equipment). Sleeps: 2 to 6 people. Price for new purchase: between €55 000 and €70 000. Price for rent on wikicampers: from € 450/week.


The comfort of the space. The amenities and finishes.

Recommended use

People more accustomed to the practice of the camper even if the grip is quite accessible. It is well suited for long trips.

The camper profile


This is the model reduced the motorhome nasturtium: There are no bunk above the cab. Its line is more aerodynamic which reduces its fuel consumption! Sleeps: 2 to 4 people. Price for new purchase: between €35 000 and €60 000. Price for rent on wikicampers: from €350/week.


The comfort and night reception capacity. Its look and aerodynamics.

Recommended use (rent a car Bulgaria)

The camper profile is ideal for a couple with or without children.

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Test before buying your motorhome

If a test is required before purchasing your motorhome used, be sure to also test all the facilities that make life easier “on board”.

The mechanical part

  • Two starter shots should be enough to start the engine, even at cold.
  • As soon as the engine is running, check the smoke out of the exhaust. A blue color is a sign of a serious engine problem.
  • While stopped, apply the hand brake, engage and disengage the third softly. If the engine does not stall is that the clutch is slipping and that his records are changed.
  • Start then normally but somewhat dry manner. If the clutch grazes, it can mean a disc wear or worse, the flywheel.
  • Once the right temperature mechanics, reviving must be frank and smooth. If it is not, it may indicate that the air filter and/or the candles are dirty, or the engine is tired.
  • Squeaks and whistles indicate poor pressure and the risk of rupture of the belt that drives the engine accessories.
  • Rates should go smoothly or crunches (syncros tired).
  • A permanent snoring from the box is the sign of bearings or worn sprockets.
  • Turn the steering wheel from lock to lock. The operation should be done without slamming or hard points.
  • When driving straight on a road that is not curved, the steering wheel must be centered and when you let go, the vehicle must not draw neither to the right nor to the left.
  • In regular driving, the steering wheel should not vibrate.
  • The response to an action on the brake pedal must be frank and, on braking “supported”, the camper must remain online.

The part housing unit

  • Test the faucet (sink and shower).
  • Check the operation of the lights of the stove.
  • Make sure the refrigerator works well gas (off) to electricity (when the engine is running).
  • Check the proper locking of the doors and tailgate (doors closets and various cupboards, drawers …).
  • Inspect the hidden corners (bottom closets, under mattresses …) to detect possible traces of moisture.
  • Check the heating efficiency.
  • Check the operation of the system for producing hot water.
  • Turn on the lights and check the proper operation of all switches.
  • Check the condition of mattresses and cushions that can be flabby but in no case should be moist. Feel free to the “cover off” when in doubt.